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We offer the best car window tinting services in San Luis Obispo. We are not just popular amongst our customers because of our low prices, but because we have outstanding customer service. We provide onsite services and our technicians are bound to reach you within minimum time no matter where you are in San Luis Obispo.

Getting fried inside your car?

The summer heat will take the toll on your health even if you are sitting inside your car and unfortunately air conditioners do not always work to their full potential. Why not get your car windows tinted from Apex Auto Glass in San Luis Obispo? Our window tinting will give you a good amount of cooling, saving you from the heat of the sun. Have a cracked windshield? Call our technicians and check if it can be repaired and tinted. Glass repair will save you a lot of money verses replacing the entire windshield.

Windshield Replacement in San Luis Obispo

You can reach our service at 805-283-6869. Our staff will arrange for an immediate appointment between our technicians and you, so that you can decide whether to get your car windshield replaced or repaired based on the extent of damage.

Just 15 minutes to repair your car window in San Luis Obispo

Our technicians take only 15 minutes to repair a single chip if the size of the crack is not more than that of a quarter. Before going ahead with the repair work, we at Apex Auto Glass in San Luis Obispo will give you an exclusive windshield assessment absolutely free of charge.

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